Orthopedics in IGMH

Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that deals with the correction of deformities and injuries to the skeletal system and its associated components such as muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Comprised of 5 consultant doctors, and specially trained Medical Officers and nurses, the department is recognised as being one of the best in the region/ receives acclaim in the region 

The department of Orthopedics in IGMH is far reaching in the variety of procedures it can perform. All but a few bone related illnesses (such as those requiring hand surgery, or bone cancers) can be treated for here.

Specialty clinics are held so that patients who have to undergo major surgeries can easily have access to pre-op and post-op consultations. Furthermore  these clinics offer a convenient route for patients who due to the nature of their illness need to regularly consult with their doctor to do so.

Other Clinics

Spine clinic

  •  This clinic offers consultations with Dr.Yoosuf Shan for patients having all forms of illnesses of the spine. 
  •  Held every Sunday
  •  Appointments are issued through a registry. Patients are included in the registry via referrals in OPD consultations.
  •  Dates for follow ups are issued during the consultation

Clinic for Pediatric Orthopedics

  •  This clinic specifically caters to those patients who were born with congenital deformities of the bones (Eg;- clubbed foot). Consultations are carried out by Dr.Hussain Faisal.
  •  Held every Year
  •  Appointments are issued on the day, for patients who have been given referrals


Joint clinic

  •  This clinic offers consultations with Dr.Hussain Shakeel for patients who have suffered injuries to their joints either due to trauma or onset of disease and have to undergo surgery. Pre-op consultations and follow up  for TKR (Total Knee Replacement),THR (Total Hip Replacement) and ACL  (Anterior Crutiate ligament) reconstruction are carried out
  •  Held every Wednesday
  •  Appointments are issued on the day, for patients who have been given referrals

 Joint Replacement clinic

  •  This clinic offers Pre-op and follow up consultations with Dr.Ali Muzunee for patients who have to undergo TKR (Total Knee Replacement) and THR (Total Hip Replacement). Patients suffering from OA (Osteoarthritis) also regularly consult in this clinic.
  •  Held every Thursday
  •  Appointments are issued on the day, for patients who have been given referrals


 Orthopedic procedure room

  •  Room 26 or the Orthopaedic procedure room is the place where those that have suffered an injury may receive treatment. Furthermore it is also where the dressings of those patients who have undergone a surgery are re-applied. As such, application/removal of casts, administration of injections  and other similar procedures are carried out here. All the treatment is provided by specially trained MOs.

Clinical Meeting

  •  Clinical meetings are weekly sessions where all the Orthopaedic doctors and patients suffering from complicated ailments discuss and decide on the best course of treatmen. This is necessary as many orthopaedic procedures can be utilized to treat the same condition.
  •  Meetings are held every Wednesday

Prosthetist and orthotist

  • The orthopaedic department of IGMH also has the capacity to manufacture prosthetic limbs, and to manufacture corrective devices for a variety of conditions. These devices are custom made to the dimensions required by the patient.